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As I write - everything changes. I want to write, talk, just talk.

Write about anything - about your favorite things, hobbies, the present day. It does not matter.

The main thing - thought and words!

What difference does it talk with friend or write an article? Composing fanfiction or verse? It does not matter. The main process itself and its result, feelings, criticism and praise .. To be a writer - it is an indescribable feeling! It’s true.

This, and the author-narrator is in every one of us. We just need to try and open it in ourself. 

I apologize for my not very good English. But I hope I have conveyed the idea.

I wanted to write this to fans of AAA. I Love Them ♥

The idea is that in recent years, more and more fans began to talk about pairing, their points of view this .. and about hate.

No, please believe me - there should not be hate to the group. The AAA consists of 7 people! The are ALL AMAZING *__* And you have to love the whole group, for its originality and unusual composition.

A pairing .. ohhh.. i like it…really xDD.

I hope that at least someone will read it and instead write about hate to someone better meet with a friend, or write fanfiction. It’s simple.


→ Traits of a Sagittarius

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Sagittarius: Korean Entertainment
Jang Dong Woo - November 22, 1990 (Infinite)L. Joe - November 23, 1993 (Teen Top)Kevin Woo - November 25, 1991 (U-Kiss)Shin Hye Sung - November 27, 1979 (Shinhwa)Im Si Wan - December 01, 1988 (ZE:A)Choi Min Ho - December 09, 1991 (SHINee)Jung Hee Chul - December 09, 1989 (ZE:A)Seung Ri - December 12, 1990 (Big Bang)Onew - December 14, 1989 (SHINee)Xiah Junsu - December 15, 1986 (DBSK)Lee Jae Jin - December 17, 1991 (F.T. Island)Jun Hyung - December 19, 1989 (Beast)



AAA be creepin’ -Part 2

(See something you like there Chiaki? xD)

ROFL. Looks like there is something interesting. XD

I made this fan video for ALL fans of the AAA, as well as for those who love the pairing TakaUno, HidaChia and Naokari =^__^=
~I hope you enjoy~ 

P.S. I tried, though the video quality is slightly bad T_T 


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